Autumnal Stroll

So, it’s officially autumn in the Northern Hemisphere now, though it hasn’t felt like it here in Indiana – it’s been hotter over the past week than it has been for most of the summer! Oh well, thank god for air conditioning in my apartment, and locations like this in Second Life! This SIM is called Habitat Springs, and it’s easily one of my favorite places now. The windlight is great, there are so many photogenic and gorgeous little niches, even the sounds are fantastic! Seriously, go visit, and take the time to explore – it feels way bigger than it actually is.

Now, on to the look! First off, I want to say that I love the Andrea head from LeLutka. It’s so smooth and perfect, with none of the weirdness I’ve come across in the mouth area like I’ve encountered with other Bento heads. If there was one thing I had to pick to critique, it’s the eyes – they just don’t respond a ton to sliders, and that’s too bad. But, I can’t not recommend this head. The HUD is the best there is, in my humble opinion, the animations are extremely well done (AND they’re all included!), and it even comes with some really nice AO-type whole-head animations that work great with the Bento animations I have loaded into my Firestorm AO. Right now there aren’t a ton of appliers, but it’s LeLutka, so it won’t take long until we’ll have more options than we know what to do with. Right now I’m really liking the appliers available from Modulus. I’m happy to see “older” skins that I really enjoyed coming to a new head, and the Malik skin I’m wearing here seems particularity suited for this head. Clef de Peau and Tableau Vivant are a few others that already have some appliers out as well, so check them out!

Pretty much the entirety of the rest of this look is Belleza, the Shea outfit available at Men Only Monthly. It’s not the most creative outfit I’ve put together, I know, but it just works for what I had in mind, and looks damn nice, too. I’ve always been a dandy at heart, and Second Life lets me indulge that side of me. I threw on some rings available at the current round of Pocket Gacha from Meva, and I called it a day.

But enough rambling about SIMs and heads, the links and SLURLs are at the bottom of the post!


What I’m Wearing:

Top: –Belleza– Shea Jacket Grey  – available at the September/October round of Men Only Monthly

Jeans: -Belleza- Shea Jeans Blue  – available at the September/October round of Men Only Monthly

Shoes: -Belleza- Shea Brown Shoes   – available at the September/October round of Men Only Monthly

Rings: Meva Barron Bento Rings Gold left Belleza – available via Pocket Gacha for September/October



Mesh Head: LeLutka Andrea

Mesh Body: –Belleza– Mesh Body Jake

Head Skin Applier: Modulus – Malik Skin – Tan – LeLutka Applier (wearing freckles included in the LeLutka HUD)

Body Skin Applier: Modulus – Emil Body – Tan – Omega Applier

Hair: Stealthic – Narcotic (B&W) (tinted using the included HUD)

Hairbase: Stealthic – Male Hairbase (tinted using LeLutka HUD)

Eyes: .ID. Wildflower Eyes v2 / Special Pack (wearing Soil)



Le Poppycock



Habitat Springs



Urban Dystopia

So I’m sure that anyone who has followed my blog at all has noticed a trend – that I love apocalyptic cityscapes. I’m always drawn to the destroyed urban centers of Second Life, because each one is so different from the last. This particular one – Binemust – is very, very cool. Lots of little details in the ruins, you just have to explore and pay attention to everything.

I’m not feeling very well tonight, so this will be a quick post, sorry. SLURLs and style details at the bottom of the post!


What I’m Wearing:

Jumpsuit: Clef de Peau.Ben Jumpsuit Army – available at the August round of aQua

Sandals: –Belleza– Andrei Sandals Chesnut  – available at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair

Necklace: :::NOIR::: Elliot Necklace  – available at the August round of The Men’s Department

Bracelet/Watch: –NOeditiON DweelerWatch w/ Fortune Bracelet ( GOLD )  – available at the August round of The Men’s Department

Sunglasses: [Deadwool] Herve glasses – 28. All colors – RARE – gacha item – available at the August round of The Men’s Department



Mesh Head: Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Stanley

Mesh Body: –Belleza– Mesh Body Jake

Head Skin Applier: STRAY DOG -LOGAN – TONE 05 – available at the July round of the Kinky Event

Body Skin Applier: Stray Dog – Jake Skin – TONE 05

Hair: Stealthic – Hysteria (B&W) – tinted using included HUD – available at the August round of Fameshed

Hairbase: Modulus – Lukas Hair Base – Catwa Appliers

Eyes: .ID. Winter Eyes / Blue-Hazel



Pose Maniacs






What I’m Wearing:

Jacket/Shirt: <Kalback> Letterman Jacket M3_Green – available at the June round of The Men’s Department

Jeans: <Kalback> Original Jeans M2_Light Blue

Sneakers: [Deadwool] Chase sneakers – off-white – available at the SL14 Shopping Event

Watch: [Z O O M] Moylan Watch: Classic Edition



Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Stanley

Mesh Body: [SIGNATURE] Gianni

Head Skin Applier: STRAY DOG – HUNTER TONE 04 – available at the June round of Kink(y) Monthly

Body Skin Applier: L’Etre Homme – Omega Body Appliers [Buttermilk Tone]

Hair: Stealthic – Haunting (Browns)  – available at the May/June round of Men Only Monthly

Hairbase: L’Etre – Shaved Hairbase [Dark brown]

Eyebrow Applier: Unorthodox Manly Eyebrows #1 Chocolate Omega Applier

Eyes: .ID. Aqua Eyes / Hazel



Pose Maniacs



The Good Life