Rough Night

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, it’s Halloween season again! That means some great, creepy SIMs and stuff to do on them! I’m featuring Ironwood Hills again this season, because it’s such a well-done SIM, and because it has a specially hunt/game going on. I’m not going to spoil it, but TP there and check it out. It’s a fun story, and there are prizes at the end. Seriously, do it. It’s fun! Anyway, SLURLs and details at the bottom!


What I’m Wearing:

Shirt/Jacket: ::Gabriel:: Long Jacket & open shirt (B+blood) – gacha item available at the October/November round of the Epiphany

Pants/Boots: ::Gabriel::Cross strap boots & Pants (Black) – gacha item available at the October/November round of the Epiphany

Cummerbund: ::Gabriel::Cummerbund / Black – gacha item available at the October/November round of the Epiphany

Gloves: ::Gabriel:: Bento Leather gloves – gacha item available at the October/November round of the Epiphany

Necklace: :::NOIR::: Elliot Necklace – available at the October round of The Men’s Department



Mesh Head: LeLutka Andrea

Mesh Body: –Belleza– Mesh Body Jake

Head Skin Applier: STRAY DOG – ORUA – TONE 09

Body Skin Applier: Stray Dog – Jake Skin – TONE 09

Hair: Unorthodox Zaddy Hair -Noir-

Blood Splatter: Izzie’s – Face & Body Blood & Wounds

Eyes: .ID. Eternal Summer Eyes / Omega Appliers






Ironwood Hills


Untitled (Post #8)

Hey guys! How was your Halloween? Mine was… slow. In SL and RL.

Anyway, here is what was supposed to be my Halloween post, two days late. It’s okay though; I think this look isn’t just suited for Halloween. It’s a good, modern, mysterious look great for any masquerade ball.

I also had no idea what to title this, so, whatever X-[

You all know that I love me some Kauna. Ross Myhre puts out some of the best men’s suits & tuxedos on the grid, in my humble opinion. The classic, clean lines of this tuxedo are wonderfully modern, and I love peak lapels. My only gripe? That there isn’t a tuxedo shirt option (with black buttons) with a spread collar. But, that’s just my personal taste. This is, hands down, the best tuxedo I’ve found for my more slender frame.

These great patent leather formal shoes are from Gabriel, and they WERE available at the October edition of The Men’s Department. I’m sure they will be available in the mainstore, eventually.

Why am I shirtless in a cathedral? Because it’s SL, damnit…

     I wanted to bring some attention to this awesome mask and magnificent beard as well. The mask, by OtC, comes with chained/non chained versions, and is one piece – so you can stretch it on different sides instead of all at once. I love the horns, and the minimalism of it (especially the one with no chain) has a certain elegance to it that I love.

Now to my beard – I love this thing. I saw the vendor image while browsing some Flickr groups, and I HAD to get it. It’s by DossiEr, and it includes a texture HUD to change the hair color. It’s also modifiable, so you can change the color even further if you wish. It includes the mustache and the beard together, or as separate attachments for a more custom fit.

The location that I shot at for this post – Morphe Northwinds – is full of gorgeous Medieval builds, not least of all is the grand St. Illuminatios Cathedral. This is one of the most amazing buildings I’ve seen in SL, and everything is extremely detailed. I love the stained glass especially; I only wish that SL light will actually behave like real light and cast beautiful jewel tones from those windows. There are also a ton of gorgeous castles and other builds available for sale. I want a castle now. Seriously.

Anyway – that’s all for now. Credits follow 🙂


What I’m Wearing:

Tuxedo: Kauna Tuxedo: Classic Black

Shoes: Gabriel Dress shoes basic

Mask: OtC Demone

Ring: Norbo’s Signet Ring: Silver & Amethyst right



Skin: Birth Sebastian Skin (Highlands Tone) – Clean

Eyes: { Dead Apples } Solar Eyes II – Sea

Hair: Damselfly Elliot Mixed Pack

Beard/Mustache: DossiEr Beard V1

Hands: Slink

Tattoo: .Reckless. – Life Faded 2



Morphe Northwinds