Another brief post here – so sleepy right now, so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

A word about these awesome epaulets from Gizza, however – I’m pretty sure that they are meant for female avatars. The chain, which is rigged mesh, sticks out pretty far from my chest, and the epaulets themselves took quite a bit of resizing and moving around to fit right. And of course posing with them on is a bit tricky, but I find it to be the case with most things like this. They still look awesome & pretty badass!

Jump on down to the bottom for style details and SLURLS.


What I’m Wearing:

Epaulets: GizzA – Epaulets V2 [Black-Silver] – Available at the La Metallique Fair until September 8th

Trousers: REDGRAVE – LQmesh SuspenderCargo Pants (MALE)

Boots: REDGRAVE – LQmesh Soldier Boots

Gloves: Kauna – Fingerless Gloves



Shape: My own work and not for sale

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Echo – Tone 7 – Natural (dark brown) – Available at the August edition of Men’s Department

Tattoo: .Reckless. – Life Faded 2 – Available at District 5 until September 4th

Eyes: { Dead Apples } Solar Eyes II – Sea

Mesh Ears: CHEERNO Human_EarsTragus – Available at the August edition of Men’s Department

Hair: Exile::High and Dry Naturals






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